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  1. Church Of The KLF. Last Train To Trancentral (lp mix) Build A Fire. The White Room. No More Tears. Justified And Ancient [UK/OZ/BE CDs track "3 a.m. Eternal" and "Church Of The KLF" together; GE CD doesn't, but moves the break between "Church" and "Train".].
  2. Read or print original Church Of The Klf lyrics updated! Take me, unh huh / Take me, unh huh, unh huh / Take me, unh huh / Take me.
  3. I have the CD and it rocks, The KLF is a cross between pop/rap. I think the whole album is excellent, and I would recommend it to anyone, some songs are better than all; but all albums are like that. If you want to know more about KLF listen to some of their music with the MP3 sampler, you might like them/5(91).
  4. Lyrics to 'Church of The Klf' by Klf. Take me, unh huh Take me, unh huh, unh huh Take me, unh huh Take me, unh huh, unh huh.
  5. Church of the Highlands is a life-giving church meeting in multiple locations throughout Central Alabama.
  6. Nov 20,  · Church of the KLF (★★): On the soundtrack, this is a full-fledged four-minute track, verses and chorus sung by P.P. Arnold, Katie Kisson and Maxine Harvey in an impressive imitation of gospel vocalisations, tossing about various religious tropes in the service of a kind of secular taunt/boast over a pop-house concoction that still ends up a.
  7. OUR PARTNERS» Knoxville Leadership Foundation would not be able to weave the fabric of a strong community without the deep rooted partnerships formed and nurtured over the past 25 years. These joint initiatives are the basis for our belief that we are better together than we are apart from each other. Plus.

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